Hello all Suite Pretty Cure fans! Sorry for the delay this page being made! I’ve been super busy with stuff! Anyways, episodes 1-6 subbed all right here! Along with the opening and ending of the show!

1. Nyapu Nyapu! The Suite Pretty Cure are Born! Torrent: Suite01 176.4 MB

2. Gagaaan! The Pretty Cures Might Be Splitting Up Already! Torrent: Suite02 177.9 MB

3. Jyajyaaan! Hibiki Hates Music-nya? Torrent: Suite03 173.9 MB

4. Nom Nom! Kanade’s Fighting Spirit Recipe-nya! Torrent: Suite04 174.5 MB

5. Dotabata! The TV Reporter Challenge-nya! Torrent: Suite05 177.4 MB

6. Gami Gami! Miracle Berthiers Born From a Sermon! Torrent: Suite06 175.8 MB




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