The complete series of Pretty Cure Splash Star is all right here and softsubbed!

All 49 episodes of Splash Star are right here and softsubbed!

Torrent: PCSSComplete 8.52 GB

Torrent: PCSS01-13 2.2 GB

Torrent: PCSS14-23 1.7 GB

Torrent: PCSS24-32 1.6 GB

Torrent: PCSS33-40+Movie 1.8 GB

Torrent: PCSS41-49 1.6 GB

We also have individual episodes available as well! Sorry that we don’t have all of them at the moment, we’re working on all the pages too! We’ll get them all up and running as soon as we can! For now, enjoy what we have! 🙂

1. A Surprising Reunion! We Are… Who, Exactly? Torrent: PCSS01 174.4 MB

2. The Welcome Party at Pan-Paka is a Premonition of a Storm Torrent: PCSS02 174.5 MB

3. A Head-On Match! You’re the Ace!! Torrent: PCSS03

4. Are You Kidding!? The Scenery of Spring and the Cries of Cicadas. Torrent: PCSS04

5. What Will Kenta Do!? Saki and the Cure Older Brother. Torrent: PCSS05

6. He’s the Best After All! Cool Fathers!! Torrent: PCSS06

7. Ultra-Serious! The Wrath of Karehaan! Torrent: PCSS07

8. I Love You! Minori and Her Two Big Sisters. Torrent: PCSS08

9. Don’t Interfere With Our Recital! Torrent: PCSS09

10. Slightly Dangerous?A Big Commotion on the Ocean! Torrent: PCSS10

11. Flappi Feeling Faint Big Trouble! Torrent: PCSS11

12. Choppi is a L’il-Bit Homesick? Torrent: PCSS12

13. Too Hot! Moerumba Dance! Torrent: PCSS13

14. Mysterious Transfer Students! Michiru and Kaoru Have Arrived! Torrent: PCSS14

15. Softball is the Bond Between Mother and Daughter. Torrent: PCSS15

16. Dreams, Hopes and Kenta’s Worries! Torrent: PCSS16

Pretty Cure Splash Star The Movie-Infinite Time Stopped Beating its Heart (it’s best to watch between episodes 25 and final story arc) Torrent: PCSSMovie 369.9 MB


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