Hello all Pretty Cure fans! This page was created so that we can post all the currently released episodes of various anime series. But for now we just have Pretty Cure!

We will be posting the latest episodes from each series on this page. If you want to download earlier episodes, just visit that series page!

Pretty Cure Complete Series (episodes 1-49): Torrent: Batch 1-49

Pretty Cure Max Heart 2-Friends of the Snow-Laden Sky: Torrent: Movie 2

Pretty Cure Splash Star The Movie-Infinite Time Stopped Being its Heart: Torrent: PCSS Movie

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 The Movie-Miracle Adventure in the Mirror Kingdom: Torrent: Yes! 5 Movie

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo The Movie-Happy Birthday in the Land of Sweets: Torrent: GoGo Movie

Fresh Pretty Cure The Movie! Torrent: FreshM

HeartCatch Pretty Cure The Movie Torrent: HCTM

Suite Pretty Cure Episode 6: Torrent: SuiteEp6

Naruto Complete Series-Torrent: NarutoCS 37.00 GB

Sailor Moon Manga Collection Torrent: SMMC 1.2 GB

Ojamajo Doremi! Torrent: ODRM

Tokyo Mew Mew Complete Series Torrent: TMMS

Soul Eater Complete Series Torrent: SECS

Panda! Go Panda! Torrent: PGP!


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