And now, what you’ve been waiting for…HeartCatch Pretty Cure! We have the complete series and individual episodes as well (those will take longer to put up)!

HeartCatch Pretty Cure Complete Series! Torrent: HCSeries Torrent: HC01-25 Torrent: HC26-49

1. I’ll Change! I’ll Show You I can Change!! Torrent: HCPC01

2. I’m the Weakest PreCure in History?? Torrent: HCPC02

3. The 2nd PreCure is Raring to Go! Torrent: HCPC03

4. The PreCure Partnership is Already Dissovled? Torrent: HCPC04

5. Rejected Ramen! Heal the Father-and-Son Bond! Torrent: HCPC05

HeartCatch Pretty Cure The Movie Torrent: HCTM

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