Hello all Fresh Pretty Cure fans! We are proud to have the first 24 episodes plus the movie available to you all! The episodes are hardsubbed and the movie is softsubbed. Note: Episode 1 is available for download alone. Most of the other episodes are included in a batch.

1. Freshly Picked! Cure Peach is Born! Torrent: Fresh01

2. Freshly Gathered! Cure Berry is Born!

3. Freshly Harvested! Cure Pine is Born!

4. Chiffon is a Lost Child? The Town is in an Uproar!

5. Racing Hearts At The Amusement Park! The Excitement of Dating!? Torrent: Fresh05

6. The Vanishing Hamburgers! Protect the Things You Love! Torrent: Fresh06

7. Setsuna and Love! The Clover of Friendship! Torrent: Fresh07

8. Chiffon’s in Big Trouble! Peach’s New Power!! Torrent: Fresh08

9. Miki’s Dream! I’m Leaving Pretty Cure! Torrent: Fresh09

10. Tart is Inori and Inori is Tart!? Torrent: Fresh10

11. Miyuki’s Rage! She’s Not Gonna Teach Us How to Dance!? Torrent: Fresh11

12. Transform Together! The Great Tuft Tactic! Torrent: Fresh12

13. Chiffon is Sick?! Pine’s New Power! Torrent: Fresh13

14. The Fourth Cure!? The Search for Akarun! Torrent: Fresh14

15. Setsuna and Love, The Heart That Cares for Others! Torrent: Fresh15

16. Cultural Festival of Fear! Echoing Footsteps in the School at Night! Torrent: Fresh16

17. Leave Chiffon to Me! Berry’s New Power! Torrent: Fresh17

18. I Want to Meet Pretty Cure! A Little Girl’s Wish!! Torrent: Fresh18

19. A New Card! Eas’s New Power! Torrent: Fresh19

20. Dancing or Pretty Cure… Which Will You Choose!? Torrent: Fresh20

21. You Are the Fourth Cure!! Torrent: Fresh21

22. Setsuna and Love, Are You Eas!? Torrent: Fresh22

23. The End of Eas! Cure Passion is Born!

24. Setsuna’s Distress! I Cannot Be Your Comrade!

Fresh Pretty Cure The Movie! Torrent: FreshM


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