On every page, you can now post comments! We will also use this feature to put more accurate news on that show’s page! Make sure to check it out! Also, Sailor Moon is now up and running! The complete series and manga series is now online, with soundtracks and fan artwork on the way! Make sure to check back daily for it!

Next week, Jack’s Productions is doing something AWESOME to their website! We’re changing the theme! We’re also changing most of the pictures and making every page up to date! We will also try to have a page that has the openings and endings for shows (all the shows’ pages are getting filled up). Also, if there’s time, we will be posting a random fact each day about anime and the Japan earthquake. And if there’s time next week, we will be adding a page that has the random facts posted! Make sure to check out all the cool stuff coming to this website, some of it will be a surprise as well!

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